The Actor Who Voiced Trevor In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Is Reportedly Going To Be On ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead has found its (very f*cking excited) Negan in Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but what about his Saviors? We met some of these unnamed sons of anarchy in the frustrating midseason finale, but there are many more to come, including one who might be played by Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V.

Or more specifically, Steven Ogg, previously of Better Call Saul. The actor, who provided the voice and motion capture for the fan-favorite GTA V character, was at The Walking Dead season six wrap party, leading to speculation that he’ll appear on the show, most likely as a ruthless Savior.

The proof: Ogg recently tweeted, “An amazing time in Georgia. An amazing group of people met. An amazing opportunity,” to which a follower and Walking Dead superfan responded, “It was a pleasure to meet you at twd wrap party. Can’t wait to see your performance in #TheWalkingDead.”

Considering what we know about Negan

…I think Ogg will fit right in.

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