Trevor Noah Finds Inspiration To Think About Home Thanks To Trump’s Impending Presidency

Managing Editor, Trending

It’s been a year since Trevor Noah decided to compare a possible Trump presidency to the leaders we’ve seen in Africa over the years, but now it’s all a reality. That means Noah can return to his home continent and his home country, in particular, all in an effort to see if South Africa’s current political climate can teach us anything about President Donald Trump. The similarities are pretty crazy.

Before there was some comparison with Idi Amin or Robert Mugabe, dictators who shared some of Trump’s famous quotes but ended up being a lot worse over time. But Noah focuses on South African leader Jacob Zuma this time, showing a leader that is mired in controversy while not slaughtering thousands of civilians along the way. Just take a peek at Zuma’s Wiki page and you rape allegations, racketeering charges, a line of corruption, and numerous calls to either step down or face impeachment. People are already starting to talk impeachment for Trump — and would be talking it for Hillary too — so it seems like we’re off to a good start.

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