Trevor Noah Blows Jaden Smith’s Mind With The Congress Late Night Healthcare Debate

Jaden Smith recently blew some minds over at Vanity Fair by reading off some facts about the universe and soon became the subject of some laughs on the internet. It’s not the first time his deep mind has rippled through the masses online and it won’t be the last. But while he’s around doing weird things, folks should put it to good use.

Trevor Noah does just that during Thursday’s Daily Show, using the clip of Smith in order to place him in another mind-bending situation during this week’s late night healthcare debate in Congress. It’s weird enough that all of this discussion is happening at 4:30 in the morning, but the presence of Jaden Smith’s ethereal form raises the bar a bit. It also helps that marijuana was part of the discussion.

Later, Noah does some mind blowing of his own by donning a cowboy getup to sing about Trump’s forgotten men and women. The only problem is it seems that while Trump says he wants to help out those folks, he’s actually helping out the men and women who never seem to be forgotten enough. The point that sticks out is how the folks who nearly tanked the economy back in 2009 seem to be getting a few more breaks than the “forgotten man” with Trump’s policies.

We haven’t spent enough time with Trump to see the effect his decisions will have, but we do know that know the one thing that will send Trevor Noah running scared from the set of The Daily Show. Don’t threaten to sell a man’s internet history.

(Via The Daily Show)