Get Ready For The Next Phase Of ‘The Daily Show’ With The First Teaser Featuring Trevor Noah

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the next phase of The Daily Show is approaching. While it’s going to be hard to see someone else manning that famous desk since Jon Stewart bid us all farewell, Comedy Central has released a new teaser to start getting us all used to seeing his successor. Trevor Noah starts his new gig on September 28, which is more than a month away, but, after 17 years with Jon Stewart, I think we all need a little time to get used to this idea.

Noah actually “snuck” into the studio in late May to test out his new digs, but he was quickly thwarted and left:

So it’s not technically the first look at Noah behind the desk, but it is the first look at him behind his desk. Hopefully by the time he takes over next month, people’s doubts will have been quelled and he can be given the chance he deserves. My guess is that he’s been extra careful about what he posts on Twitter, too, but it would be odd for the incoming host of The Daily Show to go into total internet hiding before he starts his gig.

Get ready, kids. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is on its way.

(Source: Comedy Central)