Trevor Noah Blasts Democrats COVID Restrictions Hypocrisy As ‘Even Worse’ Than Anti-Mask Republicans

In a video recorded in November, Austin mayor Steve Adler, a Democrat, urged residents of the Texas city to stay at home unless necessary… while he was vacationing at a beach resort in Mexico. As the Austin American-Statesman reported, “As he pressed the public to help stop the spread of the virus in recent weeks, Adler had not previously disclosed details of his private actions. He gave no indication in his Facebook video that he was outside the city as he discussed Austin’s rising number of cases and reviewed the number of hospital patients.”

It was a bad, hypocritical look from a Democratic politician, which as Trevor Noah explained in Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show, makes them just as bad as (if not worse than!) Republican anti-maskers.

“I’m sorry, man. Everyone has given up their lives and then you’ve got these politicians who are just hypocrites out here? What, you guys think corona respects your office too much to come after you? Because don’t forget: it got the president of the United States, it’s not going to be star-struck by Governor Hair Gel,” the host said, referring to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who recently attended a lavish dinner party at the French Laundry. Noah knows that Republicans are also having non-socially distanced parties, but “everyone expects them to do this… In a way, these Democrats are even worse than the anti-maskers because of their hypocrisy. At least when those dudes break the rules, they’re open about it.”

You can watch The Daily Show clip above.