Here’s The Poster For Season 7 Of ‘Mad Men.’ Everyone Is On Acid Now.

03.07.14 5 years ago 3 Comments

That trippy-ass vision you see up there is the brand new promotional poster for Season 7 of Mad Men. Created by legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser, the 84-year-old behind the world famous “I ♥ NY” logo, the poster features Technicolor visions of a lady, some flowers, and wine. BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? HOW DOES IT TIE-IN TO THE TEASER WHERE DON STEPS OFF A PLANE IN SLOW-MOTION? IS HE FLYING SOMEWHERE TO MEET SOME WOMAN AT A BOOZY PICNIC? WAS HE ON ACID ON THE PLANE? EXPLAIN YOURSELF, WEINER.

“There is a dreamlike quality to it, and believe it or not, it is related to the show, and not because it’s psychedelic,” said [Mad Men showrunner Matthew] Weiner, dressed appropriately for the period, with a buttoned-up suit vest but also a bright pink patterned tie. “That’s not what it’s about. What it’s about is the material and the immaterial world, and that’s what I loved.”

Did the imagery hold any clues to the season, beyond Don Draper’s affection for women and drink? Mr. Weiner, known for being unforthcoming with plot details, said, “This is related to the late ’60s, which is all I will say about it.” He added, “It maintains the idea that this is somehow going on in Don Draper’s mind, which is what the story is always about — and what the back of his head is about, on some level.”

Okay, fine. But if all of this is just teasing a multi-episode arc about a giggly Don and Roger daytripping all over Manhattan, I won’t exactly be heartbroken either.

Source: NY Times

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