Troll-Like Creature Donald Trump Is Mad At Brian Williams

For years, it’s been easy to regard Donald Trump as a harmless idiot, someone with thirty times as much money as everyone I know put together, but whatever, *toupee joke*. But now he’s CROSSED THE LINE. As we have with some of his past eruptions, we covered his Obama reelection Twitter tantrum last night, but it’s continued into today, except instead of attacking America in general, he’s going after our beloved NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who seems like a chill dude, y’know?

To recap, shortly after it was announced that Obama had won, Trump tweeted the following:

I imagine Trump’s drawing board contains only a crude self-portrait drawn in crayon, in which he’s holding a brown sack with a dollar sign on it. And he certainly went outside the lines. Anyway, Bri-Wi responded live on the air:

BOOM. “That happened” should be on Trump’s gravestone when he passes away. But alas, he’s still alive, with the complexion of a pepperoni Hot Pocket that’s been left bubbling in the microwave for too long, and he had WORDS for his fellow NBC employee.

The company Christmas party is going to be awk-ward, at least until Alison Brie walks in with her kitten. I’m too tired and it’s obvious to explain why Williams > Trump, but the Apprentice host better watch his step:

BRI-WI’S WATCHING. Also, nothing this perfect came from Trump’s loins (ew):

In Trump’s mind, though, both ladies look like him. And Chris O’Dowd is played by the haters.