The ‘Trollhunters’ Trailer Shows Off Dark Guillermo Del Toro Fun For The Whole Family

Guillermo del Toro has helmed an ever-growing collection of horror classics such as Pan’s Labyrinth, The Devil’s Backbone, Blade 2 and Crimson Peak. They’re fantastic movies, but they’re not for everyone. Especially kids. You don’t want to ever show your children Pan’s Labyrinth. They’ll never look at a bottle or a nose in the same way again, and a child’s outlook on bottles or noses is something you, as a parent or legal guardian, should always have at the forefront of your mind.

But now, finally, you and the little ones around you can finally enjoy the fine work of Guillermo del Toro thanks to Netflix and Dreamworks, who are releasing del Toro’s children’s show Trollhunters on December 23rd, 2016. The trailer looks shows off the simple story of Jim, who is clearly the “chosen one” who must defend his town from evil trolls who live underneath his town. Of course, he joins forces with the good trolls, and everything is like Little Monsters with less Howie Mandel and a lot more Buster Swords. I ask you this: how can you go wrong?

It seems like Trollhunters will be the best holiday-binging option this season. Now let’s hope del Toro gets this out of his system back on the adults-only horror wagon ASAP.