The Snoop Dogg Connection And Other Fascinating ‘True Blood’ Facts

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With a rich cast of characters supernatural and otherwise, it’s easy to get sucked into the mythology of True Blood. Whether you prefer vampires or werewolves, there’s a little something for everyone. For seven seasons, True Blood (which you can stream anytime on HBO Now) was one of TV’s most popular dramas, with viewers glued to the romantic entanglements, special powers, and memorable villains. Bon Temps may mean “good times,” but life in that Louisiana town certainly wasn’t easy for its residents.

Still, with all that craziness occurring onscreen, one can’t help but wonder a little about all of the work that went into bringing True Blood to the small screen. If you miss your favorite vamps and fangbangers, take a look at this list to learn even more about the cult classic.

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