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I apologize for writing about this, as I’ve been looking for something more newsworthy than bare breasts you’ve already seen, but alas, this seems to be a hot  topic.  Just days after saying that Season 2 of “True Blood” would be “nakeder,” Anna Paquin put her boobs where her mouth was by going topless in the last night’s season premiere.  Titillating.

Unfortunately, that’s about as interesting as “True Blood” gets these days.  The main conflict in this episode was Sookie (Paquin) getting pissed at her vampire boyfriend for drinking a 17-year-old girl’s blood and turning her into a vampire.  And he didn’t tell her for two weeks!  What other kind of secrets might he be keeping from her???  And I’m sorry, but when a frail little human is telling off a 170-year-old vampire in a lover’s quarrel, it’s impossible to not want the vampire to kill her.  That’s what I would do if I were a vampire.  I’d be all, “Hey, I’m a freaking vampire.  I don’t have to put up with this sh-t.”

Oh right.  You just want to see the NSFW version of this.  Sigh.  It’s linked at WWTDD.  Ya pervs.

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