Lafayette Quotes For When You’re The Sane One

08.02.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

True Blood had a cast of vibrant and memorable characters, but none more so than Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis). As the short-order cook at Merlotte’s, Lafayette was always there to dole out wisdom along with the deep-fried food. However, he truly stands out as one of the few characters who called people (and vampires) out on their bullsh*t. When the world of Bon Temps got truly mad, Lafayette was always there as one of the few grounded people left.

Even when he got the short end of the stick (which was too often), Lafayette always kept it real and as sane as possible. If the world is going crazy around you, channel your inner Lafayette and shut it down. Here are a few quotes from True Blood (which you can stream on HBO Now) to get you on your way to taking names, putting people in their place, and bringing a little sanity to the madness.

“Hooker, I ain’t in the ‘helpin” business no more. I’m in the ‘f*ck off while I smoke a blunt’ business, and business about to pick way the f*ck up.”

Despite being a medium and a drug dealer, Lafayette is usually one to avoid trouble in Bon Temps whenever possible. Unfortunately for him, trouble always seems to find him anyway. At least he saw life as it was, though: absolute insanity. If your own life is spinning wildly off course due to the actions of others, it might be time to adopt this attitude and step away. It probably won’t last long because deep down, you really do love people, but it’s worth a shot.

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