‘True Blood’ Star Deborah Ann Woll Has Landed A Key Role In Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’

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Premiere Of HBO's "True Blood" 5th Season - Red Carpet

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When you’re an actress and you’re on a long running series that coming to an end, like True Blood, it’s nice to know you won’t have to scrounge for work. It’s even better when you manage to go from a supporting role to a major character.

After Deborah Ann Woll leaves her place as baby vamp Jessica behind, she’ll be tugging on Daredevil’s heart strings as Karen Page in Marvel’s first Netflix series. From Entertainment Weekly:

With HBO’s vampire drama coming to a close this year, Woll has signed on to play Karen Page in the Netflix-distributed series.

In the Daredevil comics, Page is the longest-running love interest of Daredevil’s alter ego Matt Murdock, having been introduced in the series’ first issue. The character was briefly glimpsed in the Daredevil film, but this is the first time she’ll be actively portrayed on screen.



This helps to mark off a few possibilities for Rosario Dawson’s character on the show. It also helps to round out Daredevil’s supporting cast with a cadre of popular actors.

One could venture that you won’t see much of the above Karen Page in the series or much of the tragedy that followed the character around. That doesn’t mean she isn’t a key player in the entire Daredevil story and it doesn’t mean she couldn’t be apart of a whole betrayal aspect due to a love triangle with Dawson’s character and Matt Murdock. Who knows?

The sure thing here is that the trend of red headed topics on UPROXX continues and this choice is positive for the natives. Bring on The Defenders and let’s get this show on the road already.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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