True Blood ‘True Or False’ Episode Recap: ‘At Last’

07.08.13 6 years ago 16 Comments
While we finally learned the true identity of the mysterious and evil Warlow in this week’s episode of True Blood, everything else seemed to roll right along at a snail’s pace. That’s obviously not a good thing when we’re four episodes into a 10-episode season, but at least it seems that this episode’s goal was to quit pussyfooting around the Warlow hunt and bring him and Sookie right into each other’s arms.

But this episode also marks the fourth in a row (batting 1.000, folks!) that we’ve been told that war is coming, and with the exception of Eric’s handling of the governor’s daughter and Pam’s little dilemma, it seems like we’re getting all foreplay and no action. Nevertheless, let’s get down to the nitty gritty in this week’s True Blood True or False, and break down season 6, episode 4: “At Last.”

True or False: We all pretty much saw the Ben thing coming a mile away, right?

Okay, good, just making sure. I was a little surprised at first that this episode revealed that Ben is Warlow right from the get-go, only because that seems like such an end of the episode thing to do, which led me to wonder, “Why the hell didn’t they just end the last episode with Ben giving Jason his blood?” but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Ben tricked everyone into trusting him and now he’s got Sookie, Jason and Niall right where he wants them.

True or False: A girl can only be lied to so many times before she becomes fed up.

I’d say the biggest positive of this episode was watching Sookie waste very little time between realizing that Warlow saved Jason’s life and plotting to use her nuclear vampire bomb to destroy him. Good for you, Sookmeister.

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True or False: Jason has himself a little bro crush.

Between the dream sequence of Jason and Ben shaving each other, and Jason asking Niall in the douchebaggiest way possible if he’s ever had a sexual dream about another man – seriously, I expected him to shout, “I AIN’T QUEER!” at least once – I almost laughed as hard at this episode as I did during Bill’s feeding scene in episode 2.

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