True Blood ‘True Or False’ Episode Recap: ‘Don’t You Feel Me?’

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Guess what's about to happen.

Guess what’s about to happen.

From what I’ve read and watched, True Blood’s panel at Comic-Con 2013 wasn’t very revealing as far as the future of this season, but new showrunner Brian Buckner did actually offer a glimpse into the recently-announced seventh season. Buckner told the hootin’ crowd of fang-bangers that the show will “return back to its roots” after this season’s vampire-human war eventually wrapped up, and the especially good news is that he said that the storylines would also be condensed.

But next season be damned, because we have plenty to talk about after the shocking sixth episode of the sixth season, “Don’t You Feel Me?”, which featured not one, but two character deaths. And these weren’t just a couple of nobodies getting killed off. We’re talking about an old favorite and a bigtime villain. Let’s chat about it, shall we?

True or False: Terry got a really raw deal.

Poor Terry

I’m leading off with Terry’s death, because I feel like I was misled. I definitely didn’t dig the dark road they were sending Terry Bellefleur down last week, as he offered to pay Justin to kill him so he could finally end the pain of his past in the military. But it made sense and helped provide one of the deeper, more emotional characters in a show that has been lacking that for the most part.

So when Arlene agreed to have a vampire glam Terry into forgetting that which plagued him most – which I can’t believe didn’t happen until now – I found myself thinking that we might have a fun plot, in which Justin the sniper chases Terry around trying to kill him, and nobody but Justin knows why.


Terry’s just plain dead now. The bright side is that’s one less irrelevant plot line for the writers to worry about so we can focus on the war between vamps and humans in the final four episodes of this season.

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True or False: Alcide’s hunt for Sam ended in the most amazingly dull way possible.


Speaking of irrelevant plot lines ending… I hope I’m wrong here, and I would love for someone to fill in the blanks for me and show me that I’m wrong, but there was seemingly no point to this story at all. All we got from Alcide’s hunt was that Emma found her way to grandma, Alcide was pissed at his dad but now they’re cool again (kind of), and Sam is never allowed back in Louisiana, unless he wants to be destroyed by Alcide’s pack.

What on Earth was the point of this? Again, please fill in the blanks for me if I’m missing something here.

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