The ‘Breaking Bad’ And Yellow King Connection That May Snap The ‘True Detective’ Storyline Into Focus

For the first 48 minutes, last night’s episode of True Detective didn’t seem to be going anywhere but circles. It dragged, as Nic Pizzolatto glacially moved along a few plot points, namely:

1) In case you didn’t catch it, Paul Woodrugh is gay. NO, REALLY. He sleeps with men and everything! And he’s really, really tortured about it, in case that’s not COMPLETELY OBVIOUS. As always, however, the best cure for the gay is proposing to the pregnant girlfriend with whom you had to take boner pills to have sex.

This would’ve been a compelling plotline… in 1994.

2) Ray is super bummed about losing custody of the ginger son who is most certainly not his. However, he seems to have thrown in the towel. Instead of fighting for custody and the right to be a presence in his son’s life, Ray just decided to give him his dad’s old badge to remember him by. Please don’t tell me that’s the only bullet in the chamber of Chekhov’s badge.

Does anyone else get a real Angus vibe from this kid?


Oh sure, he’s a “fat pussy” right now, but he’s going to grow up and kick James Van Der Beek’s ass at prom one day, hopefully while wearing his grandpa’s badge.

3) Frank is jumping headfirst back into the criminal business, taking back the poker room and shaking down old partners as he endeavors to get back into the drug-trade. A man’s gotta earn a living. He also tried to get Roy from The Office to partner up with him on the land deal. Not only was Roy from The Office not intimidated by Frank, he continued to make eyes at Frank’s wife, who’s his ex-girlfriend.