In Which 'True Detective' Gets The 'Tango & Cash' Ending It So Richly Deserves

Two things:

  • The ending of last night’s True Detective Season 1 finale, with Hart and Cohle walking away from the hospital in each other’s arms after surviving near-mortal wounds while solving A Big Case that saw one of them get suspended by an ornery chief who demanded his badge and gun, had a very “80’s buddy cop movie” feel to it. (NOTE: Not a complaint.)
  • As the geniuses behind Every Movie Is Better With The Ending From Tango & Cash have taught us, every movie is better with the ending from Tango & Cash.

And so, with those things mind, my beloved Burnsy and I felt it was our duty to take the closing moments of last night’s episode and replace the slow tilt up to the night sky with a freeze frame and crappy 80s transition to a front-page newspaper story set to Bad English’s “Best of What I Got,” just to see if it worked. Guess what? YUP. Still works. In fact, I might even like this more than the ending of Breaking Bad set to “Tha Crossroads.”

Actually, strike that last part. There are no losers here.