The Most Loved And Hated Characters On ‘True Detective’ This Season

It’s safe to say that the second season of HBO’s anthology series True Detective isn’t as universally beloved as season one, when Rust Cohle drank his way into our hearts. Meanwhile, this year, everyone drinks in a sad, bored silence and contract signatures are exciting revelations. Last Sunday’s episode was the season’s best, so there’s hope that Nic Pizzolatto will nail the 90-minute finale, and hopefully Bezzerides won’t nail not-a-bad-man Velcoro.

Canvs, “the only qualitative social TV platform to provide nuanced insights into audience behavior at scale,” took a deep dive into Twitter to discover how season two critically compares to season one, and the reactions to the four main characters, from “Love” to “Hate” to “Hate, Love.”

[Canvs] detected that tweets with emotional reactions citing “hate” and “boredom” are up 52% and 97%, respectively, when the first six episodes of the season are compared with the first six from last year. On the flip side, “love” has decreased a whopping 81%. (Via)

Rachel McAdams’ Bezzerides is by far the season’s most popular character, with nearly half of her reactions counting as “Love”; its least: Vince Vaughn’s Frank, who has the lowest “Love” and highest “Hate,” “Unsure,” “Boring,” and “References to Water Stains.”

Stan isn’t included because his “Love” is 100 percent. Who could hate Stan? #StanLives

(Via Variety)