‘True Detective’ Case Files: Finally, Some Answers (But Also More Questions)


There’s plenty to discuss in this week’s episode of True Detective. Some things are becoming more clear, some things are a little murkier, some things were just hard to watch. Not because they were gross or gory or heart-wrenching, mind you. No, I’m talking about the dinner at Roland’s house in 1990. Have you ever been stuck at a dinner table with a bickering couple? It is misery. Easily one of the more uncomfortable possible social situations. If I were Roland or his girlfriend, I would have burrowed a hole under the table and stayed there until Wayne and Amelia left. It’s his house. He can do it if he wants.

But before we get deep into all of it, let’s quickly run through the two most important things we learned this week.

– Your original convicted murderer in the Purcell case? Bret “Trashman” Woodard! This would have been awkward for me as I just announced he was clear of suspicion last week, but we quickly learned that there were/are holes there and that’s one of the reasons the whole case was re-opened and re-examined. He didn’t do himself a ton of favors by staging a shootout on his property and committing what basically amounted to Suicide By Wayne, but by 1990 there are clearly enough discrepancies that you can see the problems with that case. Rest in peace, Trashman. You got a raw deal all the way through.

– Roland West is alive in 2015 and he looks like this:


The years between 1990 and 2015 appear to have been mighty rough on Roland, as you can tell by his new gut and his morning drinking and the fact that he went from a girlfriend and a big house in the suburbs to a bunch of mean dogs and a cabin in the woods.

We also learned, by the end, that Roland and Wayne are going to team up again to look into the case. Roland seems dodgy about it all and there’s a lot of still-mysterious “the thing we done” and “the reason I’m mad at you” floating around on that porch, but those are issues for later. Right now, the big takeaway is that True Detective just became an Old Guys Solving Mysteries Show and I am ecstatic about it. I hope the next episode opens with the Matlock theme.

Let’s dive in.

The Timelines


1980 — Relatively quiet week for this timeline, the Woodard situation notwithstanding. (Yes, I did just casually brush aside a shootout that started with a redneck getting blown to bits by a landmine.) I’m sure the show will come back to it at some point because we’ll need to find out what exactly happened to the Purcell kids but, for now, we’re mostly good here.