HBO Addresses The Criticism Of ‘True Detective’ Season Two And The Possibility Of Season Three

So yeah, plenty of words have been wasted defending this season of True Detective despite the overwhelming amount of criticism that seems to come from all directions. I compared the series to a novel on television (something that is apparently quite the folly), but that doesn’t mean it is automatically good or without aspects which allow us to be critical. But I do think it isn’t meant to be tore apart in the same way we’ve done traditional TV shows.

That seems to be the platform that HBO took during their TCA presentation, Deadline reports that while addressing the backlash, HBO head Michael Lombardo talked about why we should still be giving the show a chance and how the best might still be in the chamber:

“I think you need to watch the entirety of it,” he cautioned. “I think the season’s ending is as satisfying as any series we’ve done.”

There have been no notes from the network to Pizzolatto, who Lombardo called “one of the best writers working in film or television who takes big swings.”

Does that mean the precious weekly recap is extinct? No. And if we can’t compare it to books, can we compare it to film? Do we walk out in the middle of a film and write a review? Some do, but the majority usually save final judgment for the whole.

Lombardo also talked a bit about the possibility of a third season with Pizzolatto, something that might seem like a no brainer on paper but actually shows a little doubt within the HBO head’s words:

“If he wants to do another season, I said the door is open, we’d like to do another season of it.”

Is the pressure getting to Pizzolatto? He is going to be revealed as the man in the raven head? Is he willing to hand over True Detective to another writer each season and create a brand? Where do the Irish play into all of this?

These are the questions we can debate until season three actually happens. Ready your hashtags and memes! Prepare your hyperbolic reactions! Keep a positive, supportive reflection of season two on the backburner just in case. Only two episodes left.

(Via Deadline)