Angry MAGA Snowflakes Flooded The FCC With Complaints About ‘SNL’ Making Fun Of Trump

Donald Trump has a habit of downplaying many of the most terrible things he’s ever said or done with the “I was only joking” excuse. But the former president has never been known for his rapier wit—nor for enjoying being the butt of other people’s jokes. So it was hardly surprising when he tweeted his annoyance at late-night shows like SNL for making fun, or when he attempted to get the DOJ to investigate these late-night comedy shows for… making jokes. But Trump wasn’t the only one complaining: Many of Trump’s unhinged MAGA faithful took a cue from their leader and bombarded the FCC to complain about all the Trump-ribbing happening on Saturday Night Live—a show that’s been poking fun at politicians of all ideological stripe for almost 50 years.

As VICE reports, Trump supporters logged a whopping 360 pages of complaints against NBC, SNL, and other comedians who dared to mock the former president and his endless series of gaffes while occupying the White House. While some of the complaints were as eloquent and to-the-point as Trump himself—”a tv show snl nbc”—others offered quite a bit more food for thought.

A couple of key moments inspired the most amount of MAGA-produced vitriol, like when Michael Che referred to the 45th president as a “bitch” and a “cracker” during his “Weekend Update” segment. Here’s just a sampling of those responses:

“Michael Che referred to the President as a ‘cracker.’ This racial slur is offensive to every non-racist American regardless of race, ethnicity, or skin color.”

Got it.

“A host of Saturday Night Live referred to the President of the United States as a “bitch” and a “cracker” on live television. That type of language has no place on public cable TV, especially on a program that so many families enjoy.”


“SNL’s derogatory “Cracker” and “Bitch” comments about President Trump are atrocious and I will no longer be watching SNL at all—nor my children—now or ever.”

Who are these kids watching SNL with their parents? Who are these parents watching SNL with their kids?

“What happened on SNL last Saturday where they called Trump a ‘cracker’ and a ‘bitch’ is completely unacceptable. To see if it’s acceptable, simply think if someone said that about President Obama. How can people keep getting away with this indecency?”

Pretty sure Obama wouldn’t have given a sh*t. And most definitely would not have tweeted about it.

“SNL continues to use racial terms which incites violence and hate speech. SNL should be removed from television completely for being racist. Example: calling white people ‘crackers.’”

Using “racial terms” to incite violence and hate speech? That sounds familiar. This person should be a writer for SNL.

You can read all 360 pages of hilarious quotes and complaints on Government Attic.

(Via VICE)