Tubby Douchebag Out as Oscars Producer

If you’ve been following the Brett Ratner skeeve-fest at FilmDrunk, it should come as no surprise that the Tower Heist director has resigned as the producer of this February’s Oscars telecast.

To recap Ratner’s week: in response to Olivia Munn’s blind item about a “fat, slobby, smug, and ridiculously rich and famous blockbuster film director” masturbating while eating shrimp, Ratner said that he “banged her a few times, but forgot her” because “she wasn’t Asian back then.” He later admitted he never had sex with Munn. But Ratner was just getting warmed up with insensitive statements: last weekend, during a Q&A session about Tower Heist, he uttered the infamous “Rehearsal is for fags” line. He apologized — kind of — but the damage was done. Queue the resignation:

Over the last few days, I’ve gotten a well-deserved earful from many of the people I admire most in this industry expressing their outrage and disappointment over the hurtful and stupid things I said in a number of recent media appearances. To them, and to everyone I’ve hurt and offended, I’d like to apologize publicly and unreservedly.

Blah blah blah, LGBT community, dialogue, you get the picture. Much more entertaining is the Los Angeles Times’s scathing analysis of the fallout:

It’s hardly a news flash that Ratner is a crass hustler who’s spent his entire career in a Sammy Glick-like rush to get ahead, often behaving with all of the grace and elan of a character out of “Entourage.” Ratner is loyal to his friends and a big contributor to charity, but he often acts like an over-entitled bar-mitzvah boy, running amok at his afterparty.

Boom, roasted. The “Entourage” reference is particularly on point considering that Ratner, you know, played himself on the show.

Anyhoo, this means that the Academy will now probably hire someone dull and predictable to run the telecast, and the show will be just as boring as it is every year. And that’s too bad. I agree that the homophobic remarks are unforgivable, but I was legitimately curious to watch a telecast produced by someone with the creative vision to masturbate with shrimp.