The Saddest, Most Brutal, And Most Notable TV Character Deaths Of 2015

A note before we begin:

This is a list of notable character deaths from the world of television in 2015. It contains spoilers. So, if you still have all of this past season of Game of Thrones sitting on your DVR, or, say, intend to sit down and watch Justified from beginning to end one day, and would like to do so without advance knowledge of who dies and how, perhaps you should think twice about scrolling down. But if you’re looking for an occasionally fun, occasionally sad look back at some of the characters we lost throughout the year, please, scroll away. Maybe pull up “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men in another tab while you read. Just a suggestion.

Away we go.

Noah, The Walking Dead

Noah begged Glenn not to let go of him as he was being dragged away by walkers, but Glenn failed him and he had to sit there a foot away from Noah — separated by only a pane of glass — and watch him be devoured. It was heartbreaking. It was violent. It was brutal. There have been a ton of deaths on The Walking Dead, but that one may have been the hardest to watch. Noah was a good, sweet guy, but like Glenn, we just had to sit quietly and see a good kid slowly ripped apart right in front of our eyes until the lights went out in his. — Dustin Rowles

Shireen, Game of Thrones

At times, season five of Game of Thrones felt like a test to see how much brutality its audience could stomach. Between Sansa’s brutal rape, the judgement of Cersei, and Arya’s time with the Faceless Men, many were left wondering how much was too much. However, the breaking point for many was Stannis Baratheon’s ruthless murder of his own child, Shireen. Ever since he was introduced, he has been under the sway of the Red Woman, but he had previously held a pretty hard line with keeping his daughter out of his dealings. However, when faced with losing his army to the harsh winter in the North, fans knew that sh*t was going to be bad when he sent Davos, who had a special bond with the young princess, away to Castle Black. When Stannis ruthlessly burned his daughter alive, it became clear that he was no longer one to root for to win the Iron Throne. — Alyssa Fikse

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