TV GIFs of the Week: Rick Perry Hates Your Favorite Things, Zooey > Emily, and More

Most shows were new last week, so we’ve got plenty of GIF fodder for this week’s post, including: crying judges, incest, Louis C.K. miming sex with an animal, Zooey dancing in her underwear, and Fat Mac’s real name. Plus, for the last time for a few months, “Community.” (The only GIF I wanted to locate but couldn’t was of Beavis getting his ass stuck in copy machine – if you know where to find it, include a link in the comments section.) Please remember to email me any favorites you see throughout the week at

This isn’t going to end well. ( )
Thank you to Chris for sending this in, which shows two hapless law-chasers who inexplicably can never hit their targets. I should have included Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy into my Worst Tropes list.
I bet he hates corgis, too. ( )
Zooey > Everything. ( )
If this happened on “Modern Family,” Sofia would have been instructed to say it as, “EES SO FLUFFFFEEE.” ( )
Old TV Show GIF of the Week ( )
Max is awesome. ( )
Taken from the new special, “Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater.” (It’s not technically from TV, but we’ll make an exception for C.K.) Can you guess which animal he’s humping? ( )
It’s funny because she’s crying. ( ) ( )
Better than Homer Jay Simpson. ( )
MISS YOU. ( ) ( )
Bonus “Simpsons” GIF of the Week. ( )