TV Guide Doesn’t Like Brown People

12.02.10 7 years ago 26 Comments

The first episode of “Top Chef All Stars” aired last night, and in honor of the event TV Guide put host Padma Lakshmi on the cover. Right after they lightened her skin. Because Indian people are so threatening. Popeater says:

It appears that Lakshmi, the Indian-born host of ‘Top Chef,’ has had her skin color digitally lightened. The radiant host and food writer is hailed for her jaw-dropping beauty, so it comes as a surprise TV Guide would retouch her image so excessively.

PopEater’s photo team is crying foul. Lakshmi’s glow has been replaced by a chalky and unsettling skin tone. It’s heartbreaking to think TV Guide would alter the image of Lakshmi, a role model not only for South Asian women, but for everyone who doesn’t fit Hollywood’s rail-thin, Caucasian mold.

I wouldn’t call it “heartbreaking,” exactly. Disappointing or upsetting, sure. But I reserve “heartbreaking” for things that genuinely affect my emotions, like family members dying or Ella the Rottweiler or every time McDonald’s cancels the McRib.

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