03.20.09 10 years ago 6 Comments

In what can only be an elaborate prank, TV Guide has named Eva Longoria-Parker television’s sexiest female star, and will put her on the cover next week of the March 26 issue.  Yeah man, I don’t get it, either.

Parker was honored, yet floored, by the vote, considering her character Gaby has looked so frumpy on the show this season. “I think the timing for this is pretty funny actually, but also really great,” Longoria Parker told TV Guide.[…]

On “sexy,” according to her favorite Spur. “My husband (three-time NBA champ Tony Parker) thinks I’m at my sexiest the first thing in the morning. He says looking over at me as I’m waking up is his favorite thing — and how can a girl not love that?”

Oh yeah, she’s a real angel without makeup.  Just a real natural beauty.

I can think of about 100 different women that would be a better choice than her, starting with anyone else.  Literally anyone else.  I would take my chance that any woman on television selected at random would be sexier than Eva Longoria-Parker.  There aren’t that many fatties on TV.

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