TV Hat: The Hat That’s a TV

07.06.10 9 years ago 9 Comments

Remember virtual reality? It was supposed to be the future, like, ten years ago, but because of the stupid gloves and bulky viewing helmets (and also The Lawnmower Man), no one ever took it seriously. And so it got cast away into the pop cultural graveyard of the late ’90s.

Fortunately, someone with zero business acumen has ignored that lesson and brought us TV Hat. It’s a hat with a private screen for viewing videos on your iPod. And it conveniently blocks out the rest of the world while making you look like an idiot, thus inviting other people to hit you upside the head, push you over, and/or steal your belongings.

Watch the commercial for TV Hat below. It’s Bad Idea Jeans 2.0, in hat (or visor!) form.

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