TV's Most Inappropriate Offices Get A Supercut

Flavorwire’s Michelle Rafferty — inspired by the final season of The Office and the first season finale of Newsroom — launched this new supercut of inappropriate offices in television history on Friday, but to me it feels much more like a Monday morning supercut and that’s why I saved sharing it for now — yeah, let’s go with that.

While Ally McBeal and Entourage get a nod, the compilation makes up for it with Loverboy, Archer, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and a reason for me to include the greatest Mad Men GIF ever gif’d (the tractor scene really should have been saved for the big video finale but only a world class dickhead splits editorial hairs over supercuts on the internet).

Some NSFW language, which is never a bad thing, I always say.

As promised…

Flavorwire via Robopanda. GIF via.