Why Network Television Needs More Shows Like ‘Mom’

04.14.15 4 years ago 36 Comments
Spoiler Alert: Plot details about Mom‘s first two seasons, including the latest episode, will be discussed below.

It’s not often that you see a sitcom episode end with the main character crying into a pillow, and it’s also not often that you see a character hit rock bottom with a loud thud, but Mom has proven itself to be a courageous and surprising show that picked up and dusted off the baton once held by All in the Family, Grace Under Fire, and Roseanne. This is a family comedy that deals with real family issues, even when the results can make viewers uncomfortable.

Bonnie (Allison Janney) and Christy (Anna Faris) are mother and daughter, they’re lower middle class on the economic food chain, and they’re both recovering addicts. Both women have emotionally hurt each other, and Christy has emotionally hurt her kids due to addiction. Throughout the show’s first two seasons, however, they’ve mostly kept it together to steer Christy’s kids in the right direction.

Other once-broken and remorseful people have become a part of their life, specifically this season, as their support group has garnered more focus. Someone who entered Bonnie and Christy’s life is Christy’s absentee father, Alvin (Kevin Pollak), who gave the show a notable boost last season. Alvin worked his way back into Bonnie and Christy’s good graces and became a part of the family before dying this season while in bed with Bonnie; a devastating event for a character who’s outwardly been tough as nails.

In the latest episode, Bonnie’s despair and the resulting descent came to a head when Christy caught onto her pill-aided relapse. Chasing her mother to a playground, Christy did the hardest thing she could do as a daughter, and as someone who’s been to that dark a place herself… she left Bonnie behind after her mother told her that she didn’t want to be sober anymore. Later that night, she received a phone call from her unrepentant and blitzed mother in jail. Once again, Christy offered the toughest love that she could muster by telling Bonnie that she would come get her in the morning before hanging up the phone and breaking down.

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