TV News Roundup, Featuring Bryan Cranston Being Awesome

There are a couple noteworthy-ish bits of television news floating around, so let’s take them all out with one shot. After all, we’ve got swimsuit models eating cheeseburgers to cover. Priorities, people.

Bryan Cranston is awesome. Remember those sweet Chuck Taylor’s emblazoned with Walter White’s face? Well, Bryan Cranston rocked them to the Independent Spirit Awards this weekend. Let me be incredibly clear about something, so there is no confusion going forward: If I owned a pair of sneakers with my face on them, I would never take them off. Ever. As in, I would be buried in them. I think Bryan Cranston and I would be friends. [UPROXX]

Oh. Ok. According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan has been dying to do “Saturday Night Live” to rehabilitate her image, and has said no topic is off-limits for the writers. Hmm, desperation and a willingness to do anything? Those definitely don’t sound like things a drug addict would say! I think she’s gonna be all right, guys. [TMZ]

“Mad Men” news and stuff. “Mad Men” released the official poster for season five (pictured, at right). According to series creator Matthew Weiner, “this is a dreamlike image … a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be … by the end of the season, I guarantee you’ll know what it is about.” I hope it’s about Don getting drunk and trying to boink a mannequin. It’s probably not, though. (Also, here’s a clip of the “Mad Men” cast talking about The Godfather as part of AMC’s celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary.) [Entertainment Weekly]

Lucy Lawless got arrested. The “Spartacus” star got arrested after four days of protesting on an oil rig with a group from Greenpeace. My official legal analysis of the situation is that this is an incredibly lame thing to get arrested for if your last name is “Lawless.” [TMZ]

“Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23” looks pretty good. One of the highlights of the Oscars for me was the commercial for this new show on ABC starring Krysten Ritter and a hilariously self-aware James Van Der Beek. Trailer after the jump.