FX Released The Ratings For All 1,400-Plus Shows That Aired In 2015

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#TooMuchTV is real.

Food critics feel obligated to eat at every restaurant in the town they work in, from the crummiest pizza joint to the fanciest lobsters-stuffed-with-tacos establishment. That’s not an option for anyone who covers television (not the lobsters-stuffed-with-tacos part). There’s simply too many shows out there, so you have to be selective. Besides, most of them are garbage.

Hollywood Hillbillies. Taco Trip. My Big Fat Operation. Food to Get You Laid. I Love You… But I Lied. Why Planes Crash. Building Belushi. When Sharks Attack. Naked Speed. These are all real shows that appeared on real channels in 2015, none of which finished as one of the 10 lowest rated series on television. To rank that low, you have to really suck and blow, or air on Ovation, apparently.

FX released the P2+ ratings (that’s everyone watching above the age of 2) for every single show that aired on TV last year, all 1,400-plus of them, including 412 original scripted series. For Nielsen junkies, it’s fascinating, if predictable at the top, where there are few surprises. The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, The Walking Dead, and Empire are one-two-three-four, and Game of Thrones is HBO’s blockbuster. It’s at the bottom where things get interesting. And weird.

The ratings for White Guy Talk Show (!) and Celebrity Conversations, which finished dead last, are so low that they’re impossible for Nielsen to track. Which probably means negative viewers, or maybe just two: the talk show hosts’ moms. Check out the full list below, or over at the Hollywood Reporter.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)

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