These ‘Twilight Zone’ Episodes Deserve The Big Screen Treatment

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I’ve always enjoyed watching a few episodes of The Twilight Zone during SyFy’s annual New Year’s Day marathon, and have slowly been making my way through the entire series on Netflix. Through watching episode after episode of Rod Serling’s brilliant storytelling, one thing has become abundantly clear: a lot of episodes would make great movies.

The TV show has been tapped for cinematic adaption by Hollywood before, with movies like Child’s Play (based on “The Living Doll”) and Poltergeist (inspired by “Little Girl Lost”) having their roots in the series. There’s a wealth of Twilight Zone stories ripe for big screen adaptation, but for some reason the movie studios are focused on remaking Point Break and Jumanji. Should the tides shift, here are five Twilight Zone episodes that could play well as feature films.

The Lonely

The original: This season one episode of The Twilight Zone might have aired 56 years ago, but its technology is only now becoming a real possibility. Rod Serling tells the story of a convict sentenced to solitary confinement on a desolate asteroid with nothing except for his thoughts to keep him occupied. Deeming that his punishment is unusually cruel, the government sends a female robot to keep him company. It doesn’t take long for the man to fall in love with his new gadget, only to be ripped away from her when a prison official arrives and tells him that he’s been pardoned and they must quickly leave.

The big screen version: We might not be sending people to live on asteroids just yet, but with the advancements in virtual reality and robotics, it’s probably only matter of time before robot girlfriends become a thing. Spike Jonze already touched on the subject matter of finding love in artificial intelligence with Her, but there’s still plenty of robotic love to go around and this Twilight Zone story could lend itself well to a sc-fi drama or romance.

Casting: Terrence Malick directing with Olivia Wilde and Michael Fassbender.

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