This ‘Twin Peaks’ First Look Re-Introduces FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper In All His Dark And Gloomy Glory

Following the accidental, then intended reveal of the Twin Peaks revival’s May premiere date, series creator David Lynch surprised critics gathered together for the 2017 Television Critics Association press tour on Monday. As a result, the annual January event’s opening became a lightning rod for all things Twin Peaks, Lynch and everything therein. Yet while many fans assumed nothing much else would be heard from the secretive return of the acclaimed show until May, its official YouTube account dropped a new first look at the return of Kyle MacLachlan’s iconic FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper late Friday.

The same YouTube channel has released plenty of promos and behind-the-scenes videos. From Lynch eating a donut to the cast’s sometimes odd musings about returning to the property 25 years later, the otherwise sparse amount of known details have been satiated by these occasional teases. (Hell, even one of the first teaser’s heavy emphasis on the show’s beautifully creepy soundtrack did the trick.) But seeing MacLachlan on screen and in character as Cooper after such a long breadth of time is just what the world’s coffee enthusiasts need right now.

Especially since they’ve been waiting for a quarter of a century to taste another “damn fine cup.”