‘Twin Peaks’ Star Kyle McLachlan Talks Stephen Colbert Through His ‘Dune’ Jealousy

One of the many nice things about having a popular late night television program is that you can use the format the way you wish. On Friday, Stephen Colbert used the Late Show as a place where he could sort out an issue of jealousy. Nerdy jealousy, no less!

Twin Peaks star Kyle McLachlan popped by Colbert as the evening’s first guest and included in their chat was a bit of Dune chat. Namely, that chat featured Stephen Colbert laying out how he is still kinda jealous McLachlan played the part of Paul Atreides in David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel. Both bespectacled TV stars nerded out over their appreciation of the books, although McLachlan has no problem admitting he didn’t think he’d grow up and get the part of Paul Atreides. Colbert, on the other hand, had more vivid dreams about the role.

“I read Dune my freshman year of college and I was like, ‘I must play Paul Atreides, I must be Muad’Dib,” explained Colbert popping the sci-fi wing of his audience.

It’s a lovely back-n-forth conversation that includes wine sipping, David Lynch talk, Portlandia talk and a cute side-by-side sequence where both men trade glasses and look into the camera. Give ‘er a gander.