You’ll Have To Wait A Little Longer For The New Season Of ‘Twin Peaks’

It’s been more than 20 years since Agent Cooper/BOB smashed his face into a mirror at the Great Northern Hotel. So you can wait a little longer for more Twin Peaks.

While speaking at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, for some reason, co-creator Mark Frost said the challenge for him and sports-bra tycoon David Lynch is to “try and come back and raise the bar above what we did the last time.” They’re being cautious, which is why the new season won’t premiere on Showtime until 2017, a year later than previously thought.

“We’re coming back with season three of Twin Peaks after a 25-year absence. We’ve finished the scripts, we start production in September, and that will be coming out on Showtime sometime in 2017.” (Via Baseball Hall of Fame)

If Josie Packard is now the starting shortstop for the New York Mets, you’ll have Cooperstown to blame. Or thank, if you’re a Mets fan. It’s an improvement over who’s currently there.

(Welcome to Twin Peaks via Baseball Hall)