The ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival Is Coming, But You Might Have To Wait Longer Than Expected


Good news and bad news for Twin Peaks fans.

GOOD: The on-again, off-again, back-on-again-but-for-real-this-time-so-please-ignore-those-tweets Twin Peaks revival series is officially on. I mean, probably. Showtime top banana David Nevins told the crowd at the TCAs that the series is set to begin filming in September, which still leaves about three weeks for something else goofy to happy and monkey the whole process up. But should it actually make it to and through filming, things look mighty promising, as Nevins — while declining to give a specific head count of who will return — “indicated fans will be happy with the returning names and that there will be a few ‘surprises,'” according to Vulture. So there’s that!

BAD: But there’s also this! Regarding the timetable for getting the show on the programming schedule, Nevins said this: “I hope we make it [on the air] in 2016. But it’s not clear. They’re going to shoot the whole thing and then post it. I’m hoping sooner rather than later.” While that’s not exactly a “See you in 2017!,” there is a “hope,” a “hoping”, AND a “not clear” in the span of those four sentences, which isn’t exactly the most reassuring phrasing for fans who want to start watching this an any point in the next 16 months.

So, to recap: Twin Peaks is coming, but you shouldn’t hold your breath while you wait, unless you are really, really good at breath-holding.

(Via Vulture)

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