The New ‘Twin Peaks’ Promo Is Our First Look At Some Familiar Faces

In typical David Lynch fashion, the first teaser that Showtime released for the Twin Peaks revival told us next to nothing about what to expect when the series finally returns on May 21. The second promo doesn’t give much away, either, but it’s still an improvement, because this is the first time we’ve seen many returning cast members. There’s Kyle MacLachlan looking concerned as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, as well as Everett McGill (Big Ed Hurley), Harry Dean Stanton (Carl Rodd), Grace Zabriskie (Sarah Palmer), Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy Brennan!), and Michael Horse (Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill).

Of course, that’s only a small piece of the Twin Peaks pie, so to speak. Where’s Bobby Briggs? Or Audrey Horne? Or Denise? Or Nadine? I need to see that eyepatch again. There’s also the estimated 35,905 random guest stars, including the holy trio of Jim Belushi, Trent Reznor, and Amanda Seyfried, who are still uncounted for. And they’re going to stay that way until the premiere; Lynch is being super-secretive about the new batch of episodes, to the point where he “won’t even confirm if the original cast will be playing their original characters,” with one exception: MacLachlan as Cooper.

You thought the Black Lodge was weird? Wait until you see The Giant as the new Log Lady.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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