David Lynch May Have Met With NBC To Discuss Reviving ‘Twin Peaks’

It only makes sense that a story about Twin Peaks would be cloaked in SECRETS and RUMORS, which begin with the same letters as “Special Agent” and “Red Room” (SPOOKY), but here goes: for years, creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have discussed the possibility of Twin Peaks, which aired on ABC from 1990-1991, returning to TV, most recently in SciFi Now, where Frost said bringing the show back is “something we talk about from time to time…If we ever do decide to move forward, I know we have a rich trove to draw from.”

Like, um, your main character *SPOILER ALERT* having his soul inhabited by a rapist demon in the as-of-now series finale? That’s the richest of troves, and a good starting point for season three, should it ever happen. And according to the reliable Twin Peaks Archive Twitter account, it just might.

The following unverified rumor has been making the rounds the past few days (click to view):

I hope the mole is the guy who played the Giant on Twin Peaks, hiding behind an extra large palm tree (and that it all comes true). Movie Hole adds:

Last week we ran a piece in which co-creator Mark Frost suggests, rather excitedly, that the prematurely axed ’90s sensation may get its third season after all these years (the “25 years later” thing working in its favour, too). Frost’s quotes, hinting that both the creative’s and network brass may be talking, aren’t the first indication that there’s still life left in the sleepy supernatural-stricken town though. Apparently quite a few cast members, including Catherine E.Coulson (“The Log Lady”), have been contacted about possibly reprising their roles from the spooky soap, should a revisit happen.

Robert Engels, the show’s EP and writer of Fire Walk With Me, told Moviehole that he’s taken a couple of calls in recent years from networks interested in possibly reigniting the Fire Walking-flame, bringing the show back in some shape or fashion. (Via)

For what it’s worth, David Lynch hasn’t announced his next film project yet, but he has been very involved with TV the past year or two, including his memorable guest appearance on Louie, where he basically turned his Twin Peaks character Gordon Cole into a network executive, and a recurring role on The Cleveland Show as Gus the Bartender. Plus, for all you conspiracy theorists out there, Twin Peaks was added to Hulu, which was partially developed by NBCUniversal Television Group, the same day as Lynch’s supposed meeting with NBC.

I see all this damn fine talk playing out in one of three ways:

1. The rumors are real and Twin Peaks will team with Betty White’s Off Their Rockers for an unstoppable two-hour NBC block.

2. The rumors aren’t real, and all of the clues Lynch has casually dropped over the years will eventually lead us to a website featuring nothing but a video of a leather jacket-wearing cow singing opera while simultaneously playing ping pong with a one-armed badger named Ox on roller skates.

3. Screw Twin Peaks. We want our Crying Cleaning Lady Show.

I want it to be #3.

(Via Twin Peaks Archive) (Via Movie Hole)