Showtime’s President Says ‘The Door Is Always Open’ For Another Return To ‘Twin Peaks’


“The door is always open” sounds like something that could be stated without context (but while holding significant meaning) by a character in the strange universe of Twin Peaks. But, instead of another mystery wrapped in an enigma that only David Lynch and possibly co-creator Mark Frost know the answer to, Showtime’s president Gary Levine uttered those words at TCA Press tour, letting fans know that the bizarre drama will always have a home on his premium cable channel.

“We’re thrilled we did Twin Peaks, absolutely thrilled. The work was extraordinary, the fan reaction was extraordinary. It took 25 years for [creators Mark Frost and David Lynch] to go from 1.0 to 2.0. Add to that what David did in the last few years was nothing short of herculean — to direct 18 consecutive hours of television. It’s a herculean task and he did it so beautifully. I don’t know how soon he wants to do [more]. The door is always open to Mark and David for Twin Peaks — or anything else they want to talk about.”

Levine and Showtime CEO David Nevins also made it clear to the assembled journalists at the press tour that they haven’t spoken to Lynch about more Twin Peaks, and reiterated the fact that it took 25 years (by design in a way) for the show (movie?) to return. Frost and Lynch spent years writing the 18-part script that was the size of a phonebook when they decided to make The Return, so their part of the job is easy, they just have to fork over the amount of cash Lynch would demand.

Meanwhile, Frost and Lynch have to figure out what year this is. Or maybe not. Maybe The Second Return can be a series of Monica Belluci dreams. That would be damn good.

(Via Deadline/EW)