The New ‘Twin Peaks’ Intro Is Familiar And Probably Full Of Messages We’ll Never Understand

Entertainment Editor

It’s been twenty-five long years since David Lynch’s weird murder mystery went off the air, now the teases and trailers are over — Showtime welcomed the denizens of Twin Peaks, Washington back to television with Sunday night’s season 3 premiere, and fans enjoyed a new opening with familiar music. Rather than the idyllic forests of the Pacific Northwest, the new intro shows the classic Twin Peaks credits over the picture of Laura Palmer we all know so well. Angelo Badalamenti’s theme plays as the camera swoops over the waterfalls of Twin Peaks flow, then we bleed into the Black Lodge’s carpet. All these years later and they still have the disconcerting pattern.

So what does this imagery really mean? There are loads of secrets hidden away into the first two seasons by Lynch, so will we ever understand what these waterfalls really represent? What is with the emphasis on the Black Lodge’s carpet? Is this all just fan service, or are these slow pans of familiar locales clues to one of the most obtuse mysteries in modern memory?

Or, more likely, could we be reading into this far too deeply while Lynch giggles and makes a perfect batch of quinoa?

(Via Pitchfork)

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