The New ‘Twin Peaks’ Trailer Finally Shares Some New Footage From The Revival

Finally! With only a few weeks to go before the Twin Peaks revival bows on Showtime, the new trailer for the return of one of the weirdest towns in the Pacific Northwest at long last shares some fresh images. Where trailers before this were intriguing, they never added in anything new in and instead stuck with serving as recaps of the original seasons or re-worked imagery from those seasons to entice the audience with the idea of the reboot. Now though, Showtime has released a trailer that actually prepares people for what might be coming — even if you don’t actually see any characters and it doesn’t contain any dialogue.

The trailer, which you can watch in full above, still doesn’t reveal much. But what fun would it be if it did? Instead, the short teaser flicks through images of Twin Peaks and well-known establishments in the town like the diner and the Sheriff’s Department, and sets everything to the sound of a camera shutter. Based on this latest peek there’s still no real way to know what’s coming when the premiere airs on May 21st, but the normalcy of the images (by Twin Peaks standards anyway) might mean that David Lynch is keeping things in sync with the original series and its tone rather than going way out there in the revival. Or this could be just a seemingly normal teaser for some extra-Lynchian insanity that’s en route to TV screens in a few short weeks.