Twitter Had Very Mixed Feelings About Sunday’s Spanish-Language ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Episode

Our nation is currently divided on their feelings about Mexican immigration into the United States, so it is not much of a surprise that viewers of Fear the Walking Dead would likewise be divided over an episode that aired almost entirely in Spanish with English subtitles. From a storytelling standpoint, it made perfect sense, as showrunner Davie Erickson explained to Entertainment Weekly:

I hope that people don’t get frustrated by the subtitles, but creatively, it just made sense. That was not something that I was concerned with and it’s not something that the network ever expressed any worry over either, so it’s just what it is. I mean, if you’re telling a story that’s set in Mexico and the characters are all Spanish-speaking characters, there’s no reason to play it in English. If we had thrown in a character who was English-speaking just to make sure we had some balance between the languages, that would have felt a little bit cheesy, a little bit forced.

A lot of twitter users gave the series props for daring to air the episode mostly in Spanish.

However, there were just as many on Twitter who expressed their frustration with all the subtitles in the episode, even if it made total sense creatively.

Agree or disagree with the decision, the use of subtitles is not likely to go away anytime soon. The series features a number of Spanish-speaking characters, its set both in Mexico and on the Mexican-American border, and the series has attracted a huge following in Mexico and Latin America. At the very least, it is something one thing that definitely separates Fear the Walking Dead from its parent series, The Walking Dead.

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