The ‘Elementary’ Writers Engaged The ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Writers In An Epic (And Adorable) Twitter Fight

Though I was initially skeptical of CBS’s Sherlock Holmes series, Elementary, after a slew of readers insisted that I check it out, I ended up binge-watching the entire first season over the summer. As it turns out, Elementary really is great. The first season did an excellent job of combining Sherlock Holmes mythos with cases of the week, and then adding in great multi-episode arcs. I absolutely love what they did with Irene Adler and Moriarity last season, a great twist on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s lore.

The second season has already started out strong, as well, bringing in Rhys Ifans to play Sherlock’s brother Mycroft in the premiere episode, while Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller’s (platonic) chemistry only continues to improve. Meanwhile, through its first month, Sleepy Hollow over on Fox — which has already been picked up for a second 13-episode season — has also been great gothic candy. The two shows are nice exceptions to the procedural filler we get from most network dramas.

Anyway, an Elementary writer and friend of Uproxx, Jeff King, alerted us to a knock-down, vicious Twitter spat that the writer’s rooms for Elementary and Sleepy Hollow engaged in yesterday. It was epic (in a totally adorable, amusing kind of way). Check it the Twitter carnage below:

Then Sleepy Hollow star Orlando Jones got involved, and it got a little awkward.

Fortunately, the hatchet was buried before the end of the day.

You can see Elementary on Thursdays on CBS, and Sleepy Hollow is on Fox on Mondays. Follow the Elementary writers on Twitter here and the Sleepy Hollow writers here.