02.22.10 9 years ago 29 Comments

It’s pretty easy to point out that “Two and a Half Men” has some of the laziest comedy writing on TV; I know because I’ve done it on a  fairly regular basis. It’s like this: Charlie Sheen bangs a lot of women, the fat lady has a dirty mind, the kid is stupid, and Jon Cryer is a pussy: everyone’s character is nicely two-dimensional, and there are enough jokes about sex to keep most of America entertained without making them think.

But it takes actual effort to remove the laugh track from a scene and replace it with someone groaning in misery and deconstructing the crappiness of every joke, as you can see in the College Humor video below. I’m actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It’s the first time I’ve ever laughed while watching “Two and a Half Men.” Don’t worry — I doubt it’ll happen again.

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