‘Two And A Half Men’ Renewed, May Be Rounding Down

04.29.13 18 Comments

Hahahaha. Just a little math joke for you in that headline. It’s funny because of fractions.

I should explain. Even though Two and a Half Men barely exists in the tiny corner of the world where I’ve chosen to reside (at the corner of Prestige Drama Avenue and Wu-Tang Boulevard), the fact of the matter is that it’s still, somehow, despite notable cast turnover and a decade of tired jokes, a ratings juggernaut for CBS. So it’s not exactly surprising that the got picked up for an 11th season over the weekend. In fact, the only reason I even bring it up is because Deadline is reporting that Angus T. Jones, the show’s “half man,” will not be returning as a regular cast member after his turbulent past year.

Jones’ departure is not surprising. He had indicated his desire to go to college and originally planned to leave after last season until he had a change of heart at the last minute and signed on to return. But with his character Jake in the Army, Jones has appeared only sporadically on the show this season. And then there was the young actor’s ill-advised comments in a religious video testimonial, in which he called Two And A Half Men “filth,” which went viral in November. Jones later apologized and subsequently returned to work.

Oh, and it’s also notable because it means I can remind you all how much Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer get paid for this toilet of a sitcom.

I hear the duo are returning at salaries close to what they earned last season, about $700,000 per episode for Kutcher and just a bit less for Cryer. They remain as the highest-paid TV actors.


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