Two Strangers Passed Increasingly Angry Notes On A Delayed Flight. One Got Slapped.

(UPDATE: Elan Gale is full of sh*t.)

The only thing worse than flying on Thanksgiving? Listening to other people’s flying-on-Thanksgiving stories. If only they were all as good as Elan Gale’s, a shaggy-haired producer for The Bachelor who got into an epic note-passing conversation with a middle-aged woman on the same flight as his. Gale tweeted, “Our flight is delayed. A woman on here is very upset because she has Thanksgiving plans. She is the only one obviously. Praying for her,” before later sending a glass of wine with a note reading, “Hopefully if you drink it, you won’t be able to use your mouth to talk.”

That’s when the real fun began. Here’s the whole livetweet EXPERIENCE.

But what IS the deal with airplane food?

(Via Twitter)