Madea Dressed Like Tyler Perry For Jay Leno And Debuted The Most Obnoxious Video Ever

05.24.13 6 years ago 4 Comments

Oh man, Tyler Perry. Yes, he loves Jesus and does good things with his money. But boy is everything he ever puts in front of a camera setting new standards for sh*t sandwiches. Seriously, his TV shows and movies are the worst things you’ll see. His latest movie, Temptation, just basically ended with everybody getting AIDs. That was it.

To reward his abominable shows, Oprah gave him two new vehicles for her struggling OWN network. That’s why Perry was on Leno, to discuss his new shows and make jokes about his really weird relationship with Oprah (they made lots of jokes insinuating Perry is having sex with her because ew).

But this is what you came here for: a promo for Perry’s OWN shows featuring Madea and Oprah’s character from the Color Purple. And Jumping Jesus Jumanji it’s basically a hot grease enema in video form. Oprah reenacts her famous monologue but refers to “haters” and Tyler Perry is doing the Madea thing which is never not the worst.

Just…nevermind. I’m going to pretend this isn’t a thing anymore. Good? Good.

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