Tyler, The Creator Has Crafted Bill Nye’s New Theme Song And They Both Had A Nice Chat About It

Kill people, burn sh*t, f*ck limited access to youth-friendly science education. Hmm… that modified last bit of the old Odd Future manta doesn’t have quite the same pop to it, but that’s perfectly alright. Tyler, the Creator has crafted a theme tune for Bill Nye’s new Netflix series and we all get to bask in it.

In a Twitter video chunklet, we’re presented with Tyler and certified science guy Nye chatting about the new theme. As you can tell from the clip, the familiar bits that were lodged in your brain will now re-lodge (probably not a science term) with a 2017 update. Both Bill and Tyler seem more than happy to hang out with one another. The “DeathCamp” recording artist even laid out his viewership credentials much to his bow-tied new friend’s delight.

“The first one is really sick,” gushed Tyler on the original Bill Nye the Science Guy them. “I love the fast pacedness of it. You take out that snare, it could be a house song.”

*buckles down for the prospect of PBS House becoming a trend in Q4 2107*

The theme song look-in is quite the charmer. Hugs were shared, too! Scientific hugs, presumably. The expression on Tyler’s face when a certain term is dropped is incredible and headed towards a meme near you. Bill Nye Saves The World arrives on Netflix on April 21.

(Via Pitchfork)