Here Are The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 Character Posters You’ve Been Waiting For

02.25.14 23 Comments


The official character posters for Season 4 of Game of Thrones are out, and while most of them are fairly standard (Joffrey looks like a weasel, Tyrion looks like he might be up to something, etc.), one thing jumped out right away when I scrolled through them all: Tywin Lannister looks as mean as a Hefty bag filled with hornets in his. I suppose that’s not exactly a shocker, seeing as he has been pretty much nothing but ruthless and ornery to this point in the series, but still, even with all that knowledge, that poster is something. I mean, look at it. Really, really look at it, especially the way his lips are pursed tight and his eyes are glancing up at someone or something as if to say “You aren’t even worth the tiny amount of physical exertion it would take to angle my head 20 degrees to the left.” That’s a mean dude right there. I bet he has a huge pile of Frisbees in his castle that he refused to give back after neighbor kids accidentally threw them over the wall.

Anyway, the rest of the posters are below, and EW also has a brief teaser clip of Tyrion over at their website. We’re only about six weeks out from the April 6 premiere. Not that I’m counting.





Source: EW

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