Ugh, ‘Entourage’ With Older Guys

03.02.11 8 years ago 20 Comments

With the end of “Entourage” seemingly in sight (the coming eighth season will be its last), series creator Doug Ellin is working on making another show just like it, except with older guys. That makes sense, since “Entourage’s” core of fan base of douchebags is only getting older.

Ed Burns is on board to star in the half-hour HBO pilot, tentatively titled 40, that will focus on a group of male friends navigating life in a slightly older age bracket. [THR]

I automatically hate anything that’s similar to “Entourage,” but I kinda like Ed Burns, and there’s certainly a window for more mature, less idiotic characters than the ones in Ellin’s current show. What’s really terrifying is this bullet we dodged:

Ellin had previously set up plans for an ensemble show at HBO about a posse of hedge-fund guys in New York, but that project never came to fruition at the premium cable network.

HOLY SH*T. If there’s one group of people on the entire planet that’s worse than entitled little half-men in Hollywood, it’s New York City finance guys. Why does Doug Ellin love douchebags so much? What’s next from him? A “comedy” about high school football players who beat up gay kids? “Haha, way to wallop those f**gots! High five, bro!”

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