12.03.09 8 years ago 16 Comments

“The Hills” and “The City” have become increasingly irrelevant — not that they were ever relevant on any substantive plane in the first place — but that hasn’t stopped MTV from renewing both of the completely fake reality afterbirths.

Despite falling ratings, MTV’s “The Hills” will return for a sixth season. [The show] was once a must-see among the 18-34 demo [No it wasn’t – Ed.] but it lost a bit of its luster with the departure of Lauren Conrad… Spinoff “The City,” starring “Hills” alum Whitney Port, has also been greenlit for a second season. [Variety]

So here’s how “The Hills” works. None of the vapid uneducated retards on the show have actual careers, so MTV gives them fake jobs. And their lives aren’t interesting, so MTV gives them story lines to act out. It’s either the most needlessly complex reality show or the laziest scripted show ever made. It’s talentless amateurs doing improv, and MTV pays each of them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Seriously, I’d like to meet the team of executives who keep this going. I’ve never seen Special Olympians in suits before.

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